UW–Madison graphic design faculty member Taekyeom Lee is the coauthor of a new chapter on Korean Typography in the third edition of Ellen Lupton’s bestselling book, “Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, and Students.”

Lee, an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Art Department, wrote and designed the chapter with Jung Jang (University of Georgia), in collaboration with Yeohyun Ahn, Lee’s graphic design colleague at UW–Madison who also is an assistant professor in the Art Department.

Fully revised and expanded, the third edition of “Thinking with Type” features dozens of new fonts, examples, exercises, insights, and tips. The classic work has been fully updated and redesigned, including 32 additional pages than in previous editions. The new volume is packed with additional content, including a wider range of typefaces, beautiful artifacts from the Letterform Archive, and more work by women and BIPOC designers. Visual essays authored by leading experts explore a diverse array of writing systems.