For immediate release July 1, 2024:

We are seeking a candidate to teach one or more of the following courses:

Art 428: Digital Imaging Studio: Explore current and historical practices in the digital fine arts while refining conceptual and technical understanding of digital art forms as powerful tools for generating and communicating images and ideas. Students will create and manipulate both static and moving imagery, with implications for digital drawing, painting, print-making, video editing/post-production, and narrative or non-narrative 2D animation in a fine art context.

Art 429: 3D Digital Studio: Introduction to three-dimensional modeling in the computer, in particular, the use of 3D digital models for the creation of images and objects using a wide range of modeling and animation tools using software like Maya. Class Content should cover keyframe animation in Adobe After Effect, rigging, and dynamics where students create several animated videos.

This position facilitates classroom, online, and/or laboratory instruction and assists with instructional development and design for a single course or series of courses within an academic discipline to support the delivery of quality instruction. Provides for-credit instruction in formats such as classroom, online and/or laboratory settings, including grading. Serves as an instructor of record.

Applications close July 21, 2024, 11:55pm.

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