Art 448/548: Special Topics & Advanced Special Topics – New topics in contemporary themes.
Art 508: Colloquium in Art – Visiting artists and critics present their work in this weekly lecture series.
Art 608: Interdisciplinary Critique
Art 699: Undergraduate Independent Study
Art 700: Intro to Graduate Studies in Art – Seminar for first year graduate students
Art 908: Seminars in Art – Graduate level
Art 912-996: Advanced Graduate Research
Art 999: Graduate Independent Study

Cross-Listed Studio Courses


Art 226: Textile Design: Off-loom Construction
Art 229: Textile Design: Weaving
Art 341: Sound Design for the Performing and Visual Arts
Art 441: Advanced Sound Design
Art 366: Stage Lighting I
Art 372: Set Design I
Art 572: Set Design II

Note: May count as studio elective credits.