For immediate release June 24, 2024:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department is seeking a full-time Instructional Technician positions to assist with instruction and operations within the Glass and Neon Labs within the Art department!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department is a multidisciplinary department focused on maintaining its high standards of excellence and ability to provide exceptional access to a myriad of labs and shops for its undergraduate and graduate student researchers. The Art Department technician positions work closely with departmental research faculty that lead disciplined areas of study in leading demonstrations and providing technical instruction during classes. These Instructional Technicians will work closely with Art Department research faculty that lead disciplined areas of study to provide technical instruction and demonstrations during classes. These positions also work closely with students as it relates to Lab/shop monitoring during open Lab/shop hours. The Instructional Technologist aids students in the development of their projects and promotes safe shop practices. Instructional Technicians work with the department office in identifying the needs of shops and labs. This position is at the front line of equipment diagnostics and maintenance and works with our office administrator to make purchases and schedule maintenance for labs/shops throughout the academic year and summer session. These positions will work with existing Instructional Technicians and our Facilities Manager to ensure the safety of daily operations in the department and will be a part of our department’s Safety Committee.

A successful candidate must be highly organized, and willing to learn new skills and technologies as they become relevant. The candidate must also have the ability to order supplies, reconcile ledgers, and track expenses, research equipment, and expendable supplies. A successful candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to manage communications across a community of students, staff, and faculty. The ability to lead with flexibility, empathy, sensitivity, and tact in dealing with diverse groups of people is required. Must have the ability to work both independently and in a team environment This position will need to be able to assess timelines and workload. A strong commitment to health and safety issues in the arts is required.

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PVL #300999: Instructional Tech – Glass