Graphic Design

Everything that is not made by nature is designed in some way by someone. As a medium that combines art and technology, Graphic Design emphasizes the process of visual communication of ideas and information with attention to aesthetic considerations, working process, presentation, craftsmanship, and methods through illustrations, photographs, pattern, line, shape, texture, and type to solve problems and reach audiences. Course work in computer typesetting introduces historical and visual aspects of formal typography and serve to facilitate experimentation with the communicative properties of type. Practical study in this area involves the design and production of books, broadsides, brochures, and posters; the development and application of logotypes and design formats; and utilizing the facilities of letterpress, computer technologies, and graphic reproduction techniques. Graphic design is art with a purpose.


Art 333: Intro to Responsive Web Design
Art 346
: Basic Graphic Design
Art 356: Coding for Graphic Design
Art 438: Cultural Context of Graphic Design and Typography
Art 442: Icons, Symbols, and Pictograms
Art 443
: Graphic Design for Exhibitions
Art 458: Graphic Design for Branding and Identity
Art 463: Information Graphics
Art 465: Graphic Design for Packaging
Art 467: Graphic Design for Posters
Art 525: Advanced Typography
Art 546: Graphic Design for Publications
Art 556: Graphic Design for Interactive Media
Art 558: Product and Service Development for Graphic Design
Art 560: Senior Graphic Design Thesis and Exhibition
Art 563: Graphic Design for Games
Art 564: Graphic Design for Accessibility
Art 565: Typeface Design
Art 568: Motion Typography
Art 575: User Experience for Graphic Design
Art 656: Design Portfolio and Professional Practice
Art 663: Graphic Design Practicum

Professor Taekyeom Lee assists a student in class at the Graphic Design Lab.
Professor Yeohyun Ahn assists students in class at the Graphic Design Lab.
Students work on a project in class at the Graphic Design Lab.
Professor Taekyeom Lee assists a student in class at the Graphic Design Lab.