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Art 100 Introduction to Art
About this Course

Introduction to Art (Art 100) is both a lecture and art studio course that explores the elements of visual language, and their nature, functions, and relationships in the visual arts. The focus is on the development and application of both critical thinking and hands-on creative skills. This course explores aspects and issues related to experiencing art first hand and will engage the people and places where this happens.

Course Content

The intellectual, cultural, and physical components of the visual arts will be presented as an essential and interrelated whole.

  • Form and content; style and iconography
  • Elements of visual communication
  • Principles of design
  • Aesthetic evaluation
  • Representational and non-representational forms of art
  • Themes and purposes of art: major subjects; personal and cultural functions
  • Visual elements of art: line; shape and mass; light, value and color; texture; space; time and motion
  • Principles of design: unity and variety; balance; emphasis and focal point; proportion and scale; rhythm
  • Visual mediums and methods
  • Western art history overview

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