Photography ― Film & Digital

Photography inspires students as they pursue advanced research practices, strictly in the photography medium or in combination with other disciplines such as book arts, typography, printmaking, installation, video, or web-based work. The courses provide a supportive atmosphere for artistic development in traditional darkrooms and in digital photo labs. Advanced students fold alternative processes and large-scale printing into their bodies of work. Photography classes, at the graduate level, have a high teacher to student ratio in order to promote an atmosphere of personal growth.

The photography labs include facilities for black-and-white photography, digital photography, alternative processes, with large scale black/white and digital printing.


Art 176: Introduction to Digital Photography for Non-Art Majors
Art 376: Photography (Black and White Film/Darkroom)
Art 476: Intermediate Photography (Digital)
Art 576: Advanced Photography (All Types)


Tom Jones
Tomiko Jones
Darcy Padilla