Visiting Artist Colloquium
Spring 2019

2650 Humanities Building Ground Floor
455 N Park St, Madison, Wisconsin
Wednesdays @ 5 – 6:15pm

Discover the latest developments in Fine art, Craft, and Design at our free public lectures by some of the nation’s most prominent artists, critics, and gallery and museum directors.

The Art Department Visiting Artist Colloquium is a series supported by the Anonymous Fund and the Brittingham Trust. VAC lectures are held every Wednesday during the academic year, and are free and open to the public.

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Justin Bergin

Wednesday, January 23 @ 5:15 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Justin Bergin is a painter, layabout, erstwhile poet and art-writer, pet disliker, nerd, geek, and amateur polymath. Based in Madison and Baraboo,...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Thomas Huang

Thursday, February 7 @ 5 - 6:15p 6261 Humanities Building 6th Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Rescheduled and relocated due to the campus closure In an effort to better understand the impact of globalization, designer and maker Thomas Huang’s work...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Anna Lehner, Kel Mur, Kayla Story

Wednesday, February 6 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC An MFA candidate in Glass, Anna Lehner's work explores aspects of geologic and human time scale through live data, glass, written word and soundscape. The...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Catie Newell

Wednesday, February 13 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Using site-specific installations and photography as the main mediums of her practice, Catie Newell re-presents existing spaces through an obscuring of...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Myers Berg Studios

Wednesday, February 20 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC As Myers Berg Studios, Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers' objective is to distill the stereotypical perceptions and associations within our culture into...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Tom Burtonwood

Wednesday, February 27 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Tom Burtonwood (b. United Kingdom) is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, curator and educator. He/they make art works that explore multi-stable...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Portia Cobb

Wednesday, March 6 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Portia Cobb is a video artist and producer of short experimental documentary whose videos and installations have been exhibited nationally and...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Jennifer Crupi

Wednesday, March 13 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Jennifer Crupi is an artist and metalsmith who's artwork addresses the ways we communicate with each other visually, through body language. Her handcrafted,...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Michael Weiss

Wednesday, March 27 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Michael Weiss is a Baltimore-based artist who uses traditional painting materials and methods to create contemporary images containing oblique, but not...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Dara Hartman

Wednesday, April 3 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Growing up in a family of makers, ceramic artist Dara Hartman was raised with paints, pastels, clay, yarn, thread, and fabric in her hands. The women in her...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Monica Haller

Wednesday, April 10 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Monica Haller works on long-term collaborations with individuals and small groups, often using photography, video and writing. Her artistic practice is...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Allan and Ellen Wexler

Wednesday, April 17 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Allan Wexler and Ellen Wexler are a collaborative team involved in projects that are interdisciplinary, including architecture, public and private art...

Visiting Artist Colloquium: Mary Hallam Pearse

Wednesday, April 24 @ 5 - 6:15p 2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Mary Hallam Pearse is a jewelry and metal artist who examines forms, uses, and meanings of the objects in an effort to build bridges between studio craft,...

Formed in 1966, our Visiting Artist/Critic Program is the first and oldest continuously running program of its kind in the nation. For over 40 years, we have attracted some the nation’s most prominent artists, critics, and gallery and museum directors.

The program plays a vital role in the department by exposing young artists to the latest developments in fine art, craft and design. Over its history, our Visiting Artist Program has proven to have a wide appeal, reaching out to and drawing attention from the broader University community and the City of Madison as a whole. During their visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, these artists, critics and curators conduct seminars, workshops, in-class presentations, or individual and group critiques in addition to a public lecture. Through the years, guest artists and critics have included such central figures in contemporary art as:

Keith Achepohl, Stephan Antonakos, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Robert Arneson, Richard Artschwager, Jack Beal, Lynda Benglis, Aaron Bohrod, Cassils, John Chamberlain, Dale Chihuly, Sam Gilliam, Red Grooms, Ann Hamilton, Jane Hammond, Al Held, Robert Irwin, Alex Katz, Donald Kuspit, Alfred Leslie, Kalup Linzy, Linda Montano, Malcolm Morley, Bruce Nauman, Alice Neel, Jim Nutt, Philip Pearlstein, Peter Plagens, William L. Pope, Martin Puryear, Mel Ramos, Milton Resnik, James Rosenquist, Lucas Samaras, Peter Saul, Italo Scanga, Arthur Schade, Fritz Schölder, Hollis Sigler, Pat Steir, Do-Ho Suh, Wayne Thiebaud, Carrie Mae Weems, William Wegman, and William Wiley.

UW-Madison Art Department Visiting Artist/Critic Program History

2016 - Current
2016 2017 2018 2019  
Inaki Alvarez John Baldacchino Mojisola Adebayo Justin Bergin  
Farrell Brickhouse Marwin Begaye Gideon Bok Tom Burtonwood  
Sharon Butler Michael Boonstra Lola Brooks Portia Cobb  
James Clark Cassils Barry Roal Carlsen Jennifer Crupi  
David Clemons Evan Gruzis Jeffrey Clancy Monica Haller  
Brooke Davis Anderson Ryan Hartley Smith David Clarke Dara Hartman  
Vanessa Diaz Mark Klassen Margherita d’Ayala Valva Thomas Huang  
Amy Franceschini Brian Kluge Adam Dant Anna Lehner  
Future Farmers Peter Krsko Annie Evelyn Kel Mur  
Del Harrow Marissa Mackey Alison Ferris Myers Berg Studios  
Alexa Horochowski Maser Amy Gilman Catie Newell  
Ben Jones Antoni Miralda  Kris Grey/Justin Credible Mary Hallam Pearse  
Jayson Lawfer Clarence Morgan Ursulu Hargens Kayla Story  
Minkyu Lee Keith Nelson Sky Hopinka Michael Weiss  
Wendy Maruyama Erika Nordqvist Peter Houk Allan and Ellen Wexler  
Bradley Pitts Will Pergl Kitundu    
John Porcellino Alicia Rios Nicolas Lampert    
C.J. Pyle Tom Shields Catarina Leitão    
Ariadna Rodriguez Aram Han Sifuentes Alejandro Meitin    
Sylvie Rosenthal Simone & Max Jayden Moore    
Christina Seely Lori Talcott Rashaad Newsome    
Michael Swaine Tip Toland Kambui Olunjimi    
Swoon (Caldonia Dance Curry) Sheron Wray Suchi Reddy    
Catherin Tafur Jason Yi Fleeta Siegel    
Amy Tavern Tom Zickuhr      
Lan Tuazon Emily Zilber      
Dyani White Hawk        


2011 - 2015
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Andy Adams Noel Anderson Emily Arthur Diane Al Hadid Eric Adjetey Anang
Elissa Auther Ivan Brunetti Brent Budsberg Chris Anteman Emily Arthur
Brenda Baker Karl Burkheimer Beth Campbell Kristopher Benedict Bad at Sports (Richard Holland & Amander Browder)
Peter Barrickman Leyla Cárdenas Deborah Dohne Nao Bustamente Dan Byers
Siona Benjamin Dan Chaon Michael Eastman Jeremiah Day Anna Campbell
Nicole Cherubini Pamela Fraser Hasan Elahi Jason De Haan Sean Caufield
Garth Clark Teresa James Don Farnsworth Iris Eichenberg Clayton Colvin
Marilu Knode Ryan Knighton Amy Franceschini Lisa Freiman Marianne Fairbanks
James Melchert Deborah Luster Nicholas Frank Jason Fulford Dustin Farnsworth
Greely Myatt Duane McDiarmid Rico Gatson Kendell Geers Lauren Fensterstock
Jon Rappleye Myra Mimlitsch-Gray Jessica Jackson Hutchins Industry of the Ordinary Donald Fortescue
Lisa Saltzman Francois Morelli Nicola Lopez Brad Kahlhamer Teri Frame
Jered Sprecher Brandon Morse Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz Chris Kubrick Chris Fraser
Ruth Stanford Lori Nix Shana McCaw Michael Lesy Jordan Gehman
Martha Rich Kristen Morgin Susan Meiselas Sandra Kelch
Analia Saban Emily Pringle Ryuta Nakajima Faythe Levine
Art Shay Martha Rich David Rathman Damon Locks
Roberto Sifuentes TL Solien Yasmil Raymond Beauvais Lyons
Craig Smith Annie Sprinkle Monona Rosol Rob Mazurek
Aaron Spangler Beth Stephens Allison Saar Marisa Olsen
Joel Tauber Robert Storr Lisa Selby Roger Ricco
Mark Todd Mickalene Thomas Tamara Shopsin Paolo Salvigione
Lesley Vance Adam Trowbridge Ginger Strand Bennett Simpson
Esther Watson Gavin Turk The Goggles Jenni Sorkin
Didier William Wayne Valliere Lori Waxman Allison Welch
Jessica Parris Westbrook Michael Zwack Carolyn Woolard
Jody Zellen
Scott Zieher
2006 - 2010
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Susan Batts Phillip Baldwin Bill Barrett Kim Abeles Jamie Bennett
Chuck Bauer Chris Bruch Klaus Burgel Clarina Bezzola Drew Cameron
Michael Paul Hosaluk Radha Chandrashekaran Shane Campbell Jake Black Marek Cecula
Tom Huck Sharon Ellis Rochelle Feinstein Amy Chaloupka Nicole Cherubini
Jessica Irish Dianna Frid Susan Goldman Erin Cosgrove Sharon Church
Tony de Los Reyes Rachel Garfield Ryan Griffis Jan Estep Rob and Christian Clayton
Darlan Manoel Rosa Ellen Garvens Adriane Herman Shales Ezra Brian Dettmer
Alyson Shotz Shannon Goff David Hilliard Don Friedlich Stephen Farrell
Buster Simpson Arlene Goldbard Garth Johnson Arthur Ganson Leslie Hill
Rodney Slemmons Dusty Herbig David Jones Cortney Heimerl Lauren Kalman
Allan Wexler Laurie Hogin Tom Joyce Kevin Henkes Mary Kelly
Tobi Kahn Sarah Kanouse Alica Henry Pam Longobardi
Scott Klinker Justine Kurland Richard Holland Mary Lucier
Tom Lauerman Julie Lindemann Amy Horst Alec MacLeod
Brook Le Van Marvin Lipofsky Katie Hudnall Tom Marioni
Abraham Lubelski Al Luft Liza Johnson Wendy Maruyama
Iain Machell Inigo Manglano-Ovalle Faythe Levine Bruce Metcalf
Dennis McNett Sarah Martin Kalup Linzy Greg Murr
Daniel Michalik Andrew Mowbray Charles Long Stanislav Orlovski
Sean Miller John Neff Marc Moscato Diego Pinon
J. Morgan Puett John Richardson Rob Neilson Richard Roth
David Rich Cristi Rinklin Kori Newkirk Lisa Sanditz
Anders Ruhwald Sylvie Rosenthal Michael Noland Leslie Smith III
Jay Ryan Jason Salavon Cynthia Pachikara Gary Taxali
Justin Strom Merrill Shatzman Mark Pascale Paula Wilson
Eva Strubel Stan Shellabarger Denise Pelletier
Do Ho Suh Sondra Sherman Lavie Raven
Leslie Umberger John Shimon Phil Renato
Annie Sprinkle Jim Rose
Ethan Stern Duane Slick
Michelle Tobia Peter Sparling
Molly Tomony Annie Sprinkle
Patricia Villalobos Travis Townsend
Mel Ziegler Joeseph Velasquez
Hilary Wilder
Doug Wilson
Karen Wirth
2001 - 2005
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
55 N Barry Blinderman Scott Anderson Bogdan Achimescu Phillip Baldwin
Glenn Adamson Laurie Chase Gwen Avant Michael Barnes Leah Boyce
Bill Arning Sydney Cohen Conrad Bakker Daniel Brag Radha Chandrashekaran
Carol Becker Kimberly Cridler Simon Alexander Bedwell Susan Coe-Szilagyi Adam Davis
Lisa Bloomfield Joshua Decter Gary Bennett Robbie Conal Gabriel Fowler
Jeff Chandler Paula Hayes Chris Bruch John Dowell Martha Giowacki
Wendy Cooper Edgar of Heap-Of-Birds Michael Ray Charles Thembinkosi Goniwe Thembinkosi Goniwe
Derek Cote Don Hunt Maria DeGuzman Gretchen Goss Ann Renee Gower
Anthony Dieter Karen Kasel Timothy Druckery Henry Halem Kathryn Hixson
John Dilg Jason Klein Ken Fandell Hilary Harp Matt Irie
Julia Fish Eve Andree Laramee Timothy High James Hyde Brook Le Van
John Ford Donald Lipski Kim Keever Karen Kasel Dale Malner
Coco Fusco Lori Nix Habib Kheadyar Karen Ketarkus Julie McGee
Martha Glowacki Gordon Peteran Catherine Roth King Mike Konopacki Peter McGrain
Chris Johanson Ute Ritschel Sarah Kirk Charles LeDray Roy McMakin
Anne Jorgensen Robert Segal Mari Lau Damon Locks Clifton Monteith
Eduardo Kac Mike Simons Robert Lawrence Patricia Phillips Jenny Schmid
Lars Bang Larsen Buzz Spector Libby Lumpkin William L. Pope Jane Simon
Mari Lau Scott Speh Corie McCorkle Lane Relyea Erin Sotak
Michael Lucero Linnea Spransy Jon McKenzie Christian Ricco Joshua Swan
Sallie McCorkle Jered Sprecher Myra Mimlitsch-Gray Ute Ritschel Cy Thao
Hugh J. Merrill Diana Thater Mandy Morrison Gina Ruggeri Janusz Walentynowicz
Colleen Mortell Mark Mulhern Suzie Silver
Ernesto Pujol Dann Nardi Annie Sprinkle
Jennifer Reeder Patricia Nelson Jane Simon Stelarc
Scott Reeder Mark Newport Philip VanderHyden
George Rush Thomas E. Noffsinger Flo Oy Wong
Bill Scanga Seidu Peligah Jane Xylor
Jon Sorven Greg Perkins
Brian Tolle Dan Peterman
Juana Valdes Katrina Pycha
Carol Stakenas
Kenneth Steinbach
Richard Ray Whitman
Mike Wsol
1996 - 2000
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Anna Boothe Squeak Carnwath Jennifer Brown Tom Bamberger Phoebe Adams
Phyllis Bramson Gail Fredell Syd Carpenter Phyllis Bramson Candida Alverez
Clinton Cline Sue Izydor Kristen Christianson Grace Chosy Susan Bee
Jane Haslem Phyllis Kornfeld Patrick Dougherty Michael Croft Dawoud Bey
Barney Haynes Thomas McEvilly Leslie Fedorchuk Marilyn Da Silva Joan Braderman
Alastair Johnston Isabel McIlvain Douglas Fogle Mary Ann Damm John Brunetti
Michael Kienitz Thomas Patti Nicholas Frank David Dunlap Ingrid Calame
Donald Kuspit Mel Rosas Fritz Gottschalk Donald Fortescue Michal Ann Carley
James Luna Steve Splitek David Griggs Coco Fusco Clinton Cline
Natasha Nicholson Landa Townsend Michiko Itatani Melanie Herzog Wendy Cooper
Kathleen Noonan Kimberly Kelzer Ronald Jones Eleanor Heartney
Lorraine Peltz Isaac Victor Kerlow Vera Klement Meri Lau
Ellen Phelan Lewis Koch Sara Krajewski Doug Martin
Lorraine Pletz James Kraft Michael Lucero Lloyd Menard
Barry Schwartz Alix Lambert Daniel McGuire Bruce Metcalf
Douglas Semivan Donald Lipski Daniel Mydlack Clarence Edward Morgan
Joel Shapiro Wendy Maruyama Natasha Nicholson Mandy Morrison
James Yood Colleen Mortell David Pagel Colleen Mortell
Natasha Nicholson Mark Pascale Helen Maria Nugent
Anne Noggle Sally Prasch Lane Relyea
Cecilia Paredes Benjamin Rubin Tacey Rosolowski
John Ploof Jerome Sans Mira Schor
James Reidhaar Collier Schorr Jill Sebastian
Bud Shark Andrea Zittel J.J. Sedelmaier
Del Underbakke Howard Singerman
Richard Vine Fred Stonehouse
Jane Weintraub Lori Talcott
Andrzej Wisniewski Gelsey Verna
David Wells
Catherine Widgery
1991 - 1995
1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
Richard Anderson Kate Ericson Heather Allen Herb Aach Dylan Abraham
Rodney Carswell Susan Ewing Oona Ball Dylan Abraham Leslie Alfred
Mary Jane Jacob Peter Fraterdeus Nathan Coley Frances Anderson Riua Akinshegun
Corie McCorkle Suzi Gablik Michael Ellis Donna Back Garo Antreasian
Kevin Osborn Gregory Gillespie Craig Nutt Sergio De Giusti Jane Goldman
John Roloff Andrew Ginzel Craig Richardson Joseph Di Giorgio David Hornung
Jerry Saltz Kristen Jones Leo Tanguma Kevin Early Susan Kingsley
Mark Weiss Phyllis Kornfeld Jane Hammond Susan Mogul
Hilton Kramer Nancy Holt Clifton Monteith
Richard Notkin Elias Katz Ira Newman
Lorie Novak Jill Lawrence Judy Pfaff
Don Reitz Donna Lexa Corey Postiglione
Sandra Stark Paula Neville Rodney Ripps
Carrie Mae Weems Mary Patten Lucy Taylor
Mel Zeigler Sally Prasch Dale Wedig
Jerry Saltz Jennifer Ann Williams
Roberta Smith Colleen Wingrove
Lucy Taylor Joel-Peter Witkin
Mierle Laderman Ukeles Ann Zimmerman
Monica Urbanik
Carrie Vanderveen
June Wayne
Jennifer Ann Williams
Jane Wilson
1986 - 1990
1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
Jerri Allyn Roger Blakley JoAnne Berke Richard Artschwager Dennis Adrian
Steven Antonakos Andrea Blum Leif Brush Joan Braderman Timothy Barrett
Robert Barnes Xiguang Chen Katherine T. Carter Lief Brush Thomas Biebel
Bill Barrett Sue Coe Ken Falana Douglas Crimp Joe Davis
Michael Berdan Cecilia Condit Sandi Feliman Helen De Michiel Greg Erickson
Jerome Hausman Victoria Cross Thomas Garver Steve Fagin Kerry Freedman
Lois Hennessey Frank Cummings Carol Kumata Karen Finley Deven Golden
Klindt Houlberg Betsy Damon Martin Levine Pat Flynn Jane Goldman
Rockne Krebs Peter Dean Lucy Lippard Ann Hamilton Alison Knowles
Suzanne Lacy Carol Emmons Joshua Meyrowitz Jun Kaneko David Reif
Ron Lang Boris Frank Marjorie Portnow Tom Kreager Denese Sanders
Dante Leonelli Jane Goldman Dan Ramirez George Kuchar Bud Wall
Felice Lucero-Giaccardo Gary Griffin Sam Richardson Brook Le Van
Alphonse Mattia Leo Grucza Martha Rosler Beauvais Lyons
Mark McDonnell Bill Kremer Athena Tacha Marilyn Lysohir
Bruce Metcalf Barbara Kruger William Wegman Todd McGrain
David Pease Jim Leedy Mark Wethli Kevin Osborn
Clayton Pond Toby MacLennan Yukio Yamamoto Wang Lan Ruo
Aysha Quinn Paul Marioni Gene Youngblood Peter Saul
Clifford Raine Graham Marks Jeffrey Silverthorne
Deborah Remington Peter McGrain Susanne Slavick
Rose Retz Susan Mogul Buzz Spector
Barbara Smith Thomas Morin Lawrence Steger
Kit-Yin Snyder Carol Summers Dana Van Horn
Jim Stephenson James Van Deurzen William Wegman
John Sturgeon Jerome Witkin Ruth Weisberg
Steve Weinberg Paul Zaloom
1981 - 1985
1981 1982 1983 1984 1985
Herb Aach Keith Achepohl Joan Gardy Artigas Nicholas Africano Kristin Anderson
Douglas Baldwin Eleanor Antin Jim Bird Edna Andrade Ken Baynes
Kenneth Beittel Robert Brady Phyllis Bramson Jim Bird Dale Chihuly
Larry Bell Peter Dean Deborah Butterfield Lane Coulter Thelma Coles
Mel Bochner Ron Dekok George Dickie Ronald Feldman Joe Davis
James Butler Lauren Ewing Fritz Eichenberg Donna Jean Gilliss Claude Garuche
Michael Gullick Sandi Fellman Eugene Feldman David Holmes Vaughan Grylls
Mary Jane Ingram Suzi Gablik Ken Kerslake Alan Kaprow Harvey Littleton
Craig Kaufman Frank Gilette Earl Krentzin John Massey Ed Paschke
Sylvia Lark Cham Hendon Ellen Lanyon Owen Morrel Steve Reynolds
Dante Leonelli Timothy High George Longfish Ira Newman Juan Sanchez
Thomas Majeski Jack Kehoe Paul McMahon Mia Westerlund Roosen Robert Stackhouse
Linda Montano William Keyser Jo Ann Moser John Sandborn Jack Sures
Mary North Richard Marquis Anne Noggle Dan Sandin David Don Tigney
Jon Petersen Robert Reedy Sam Ntiro Yukio Yamamoto
Joseph Raffael Mike Steveni Adrian Piper
Judy Raphael Janice Tanaka Norman Pope
Nancy Rubins Paul Yank Richard Posner
Peter Saul Martin Puryear
Judith Simonian Richard Shaw
Hollis Sigler
Sandra Simon
Phil Sultz
1976 - 1980
1976 1977 1978 1979 1980
Jerry Bailey Jack and Sondra Beal Kinji Akagawa Alice Adams Kathryn Clark
Alan Caucutt Wook Kyung Choi Alice F. Aycock Robert Arneson Richard Cohen
Gregory Conniff Rackstraw Downes Gene Baro Joan Gardy Artigas Richard Daehnert
Fred Escher Kate Ericson Andre Belleci Richard Artschwager George Deem
Hollis Frampton Rafael Ferrer Laura Chapman Larry Barker Bartolomeu Dos Santos
Rubin Gorewitz Jim Finnegan Peter Dean Ricky Bernstein Henry Geldzahler
Ivan Karp Mouris Frank Tom Doyle Joe Breidel Gregory Gillespie
Richard Notkin Suzi Gablik Fritz Eichenberg Michael Day William Henderson
Thom O’Connor Nilda Gernandez Getty Sandi Feliman Robert Ebendorff Sam Hernandez
J.E.C. Price Richard Kevorkian Nancy Hoffman John Henry Nancy Hoffman
Tom Michael Rippon Leslie Robert Krims Robert Janz David Huchthausen Gabriel Laderman
Lucas Samaras Stanley Lechtzin Alex Katz Bill King Ed Mayer
Italo Scanga Dante Leonelli Paul Marioni Donald Kuspit Linda Montano
TL Solien Lisa Lyons Lloyd Menard Marilyn Levine William T. Williams
John Francis Torreano Molly Mason Phillip Niblock Jo Ann Moser Brent Wilson
Shari Urquhart James Monson Albert Paley Alice Neel
Richard Van Buren James Mosley Ellen Raskin Anne Noggle
Martha Zelt Jim Nutt John Shaw Jon Palmer
Philip Pearlstein Eric Staller Yvonne Rainer
Don Reich Fred Tschida Fritz Scholder
Arthur Schade Nadine Valenti Miriam Shapiro
Douglas Sigler Joe Zucker Pat Steir
Mike Steveni Gage Taylor
Kenneth Tyler
Abner Zook
1971 - 1975
1971 1972 1973 1974 1975
Stephan Antonakos Ronald Bladen Joan Gardy Artigas Gary Bower John Alberty
David Gray Allan D’Arcangelo Sharon Brant Anne Breivik Jennifer Losch Bartlett
Richard Hamilton Sam Gilliam David Diao John Eric Buck Lynda Benglis
Al Held Stephen Kaltenbach Red Grooms Dale Chihuly Claus Bury
Wayne Thiebaud Frank Owen Joel Myers Shirley Clarke Claire Colquitt
Bruce Nauman Robert Cumming Roy DeForest
Cindy Nemser Walter Gabrielson David Diao
Alvin Pine Robert Hudson David Hodge
Mel Ramos Ivan Karp Robert Irwin
George Sugarman June Leaf Phyllis Barbara Kind
Marcia Tucker Albert Paley A. Doyle Moore
Jane Wilson Peter Plagens William Alan Morrison
Carter Ratcliff Z.K. Oloruntoba
Edwin Ruda Maurice Perrier
Benjamin Schonzeit Peter Saul
Willoughby Sharp Heikki Seppa
Birgit Skiold Richard Van Buren
Stephen Zaima
1966 - 1970
1966 1967 1968 1969 1970
Milton Resnik Jack Beal Richard Anuszkiewicz John Chamberlain William Giles
Abram Schlemowitz Hubert Dalwood Richard Artschwager Nicholas Krushenick James Melchert
John Seary James Rosenquist Robert Beauchamp Stanley Landsman Malcolm Morley
Edward Higgins Robert Morris Frank Roth
Alfred Leslie William Wegman William Wiley