Episode 6 is live! Let’s talk about debt, baby! What does it mean to take on thousands of dollars in debt as an artist?

This week’s conversation is with performance artist Caitlin Mary Margarett Sørensdatter, exploring how the Midwest’s transformed prairie landscapes serves as one source of inspiration for CMM’s performances.

Our conversation takes a turn to the all-too-familiar struggle with student debt, a reality that many in the creative fields take on to pursue our dreams. Caitlin opens up about her experiences navigating student finance as a teenager at the University of Northern Iowa, where the pursuit of an arts degree came with a heavy price tag. We delve into how that debt is affecting her today as well as Caitlin’s honest account of the systemic barriers to low income students within the American education system. Caitlin explains her artistic growth within the demanding environment of an MFA program, and whether going to university is necessary to become an artist.