December 11 – 14

Artists: Andie Almond, Leon Barrett, Eva Presser Dudley, Elizabeth Hammond, Mackenzie Heyroth, Ren Juza, Olivia Kroeplin, Dayton Lenz, Jasmine Lutz, Andy Morales Plata, Thalia Powell, Maggie Sanders, Madeleine Stoffel, Elizabeth Varela-Montes, and Grace Widner, and from invited guests Morgan Baldinelli, Able Broyles, Professor Gerit Grimm, Car Reigger, Hannah Schelb, Drew Thelke, and Professor Christina West

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 13, 6-8pm

Location: Art Lofts Gallery, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

In its fundamental form, clay is mud. The process of manipulating this organic substance into something durable and valuable reflects the nature of alchemy: the transformation of matter. Through ceramics, artists have been able to combine chemical science with artistic expression to create functional and aesthetic works of art that can withstand the test of time. Alchemy of Mud is a group exhibition celebrating the vision, craftsmanship, and innovation that contemporary ceramic artists bring to the ancient medium. Each artist was given creative freedom for their collection of work.