Art students use a torch to liquefy metal in a crucible prior to pouring it into a cast during a metals class at the Mosse Humanities Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For immediate release June 12, 2023:

We are seeking a candidate to teach one or more of the following courses:

Art 244: Art 244 is an introduction to basic jewelry techniques; metal fabrication dealing with piercing, soldering, forming.

Art 544: Art 544 is a course that is a continuation of the materials learned in earlier courses which focuses on advanced techniques in creating functional and/or fine art metal objects.

This position facilitates classroom, online, and/or laboratory instruction and assists with instructional development and design for a single course or series of courses within an academic discipline to support the delivery of quality instruction. Provides for-credit instruction in formats such as classroom, online and/or laboratory settings, including grading. Serves as an instructor of record.

Applications close July 31, 2023, 11:55pm.

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