A design by UW–Madison’s Taekyeom Lee has won a judges choice award and honorable mention at this year’s typography competition hosted by the Society of Typographic Arts (STA).

Lee is an assistant professor of graphic design with the School of Education’s Art Department. His research explores unconventional materials and digital methods to create 3D type, graphics, and even designed objects.

Lee’s project is a “3D Printed Type Embosser” — described as a 3D gadget that prints letters using no ink. It is designed to provide an engaging experience for the user that is “fun, memorable, and playable.” Lee’s idea originated from integrating an ancient historical artifact — a cylinder seal — with the traditional printing method of embossing and 3D digital printing technique.

Learn more about Lee’s project.

“As a designer working with typography, this award means a lot to me,” says Lee. “Since my artwork is highly experimental and unconventional, it does not fit into the conventional competition categories.”