Wrong’s Let Me Hear Your Body Talk pairs artists Joey Fauerso [MFA ’01] and Gyan Shrosbree in a dialoguing contrast of dayglo and black and white, united by a mutual interest in fractured figuration. This show is one of piecey portraiture, whether witnessed in Shrosbree’s reclining femmes surrounded by boots and botanicals or Fauerso’s cutouts of body parts. The show is split between Wrong’s two Marfa, Texas, outposts: a downtown retail shop and a former church space named the “Do-right Hall” in a residential neighborhood. This casual crosstown layout echoes the elements of fracture found in Fauerso’s disembodied forms as well as Shrosbree’s multipanel installations.

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk is defined by this sense of scattering on almost every level: amid much larger unstretched panels of landscape and figuration, Fauerso has arranged a series of cutout wooden and fiberboard pieces on the floors of the former chapel (a log, a head, a foot), in addition to a slew of cheekily amputated noses in the downtown section of the exhibition. The effect is a chaotic cohesiveness in the spaces echoed by Shrosbee’s many small stretched canvases containing abstract botanical forms.

This trend is repeated in “Early to Rise” (2019), wherein a long string of daisy-chained, cut canvas, disembodied faces drape from ceiling to floor between two small cathedral windows. The rightmost of these windows contains a simple installation of two slender cutout figures facing one another pasted high against the arcing of the fenestration, and an abstract metal sculpture more notable for its cutout absences than its formal presences.