Saturday, April 16 @ 10am – 8pm

Location: Longenecker Horticultural Garden, UW-Madison Arboretum (by the Larch trees), Madison, WI

PINK-STONE, LAKE-MOON will be held in conjunction with a celebration of April’s full “pink” moon as a one night outdoor event in the Longenecker Horticultural Garden. Visitors may stroll through the sculptural installation, listen to live Celtic fiddle music, and enjoy the company of the arboretum’s trees.

Heinen’s interactive ceramic sculptures create intimacy between humans and nature. PINK-STONE, LAKE-MOON combines wood, hand-papermaking, found object, and ceramic art to build a sacred space for celebrating the full moon and springtime. This body of work is informed by their belief that the earth constantly speaks in a non-human language to which we must open ourselves.

Heinen is a senior BFA candidate at UW-Madison, studying ceramics under Gerit Grimm. They have been working with clay for eight years. Heinen likes processes that are physical and have a rich history in the craft world. They are a queer non-binary artist and often explore themes of sexuality and the body. As an ex-catholic, Heinen remains fascinated by the church’s ideas of reverence; currently Heinen’s work focuses on creating an earth centered spiritual space by reclaiming these ideas. Heinen enjoys foraging, the sound of trickling streams, and hanging out with their cat Doves.

As The Fly Crows (a Madison-based Celtic fiddle band) starts at 4pm.