For immediate release: November 23, 2021

The Art Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking an innovative, practicing artist in the field of contemporary ceramics with a record of outstanding professional accomplishments.

Applicants should display a commitment to ceramic materials and an expansive vision of the role it plays in relation to contemporary culture and art making practices. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with the existing faculty member in ceramics to develop a progressive and innovative program. Must be able to teach all aspects of ceramic production including kiln firing, glaze formulation, mold making and surface development and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of both historical precedents and contemporary theory and practice along with a desire to expand the boundaries of the medium. Ideal candidates will bring specific knowledge of their practice and discipline and additionally be able to teach and work in a broad-based, multifaceted interdisciplinary Department. Two years of college teaching preferred but not required.

Applications open until December 30, 2021, 11:55pm or until filled.

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