November 15 – 19

Artists: Eli Busk, Caeli Carr-Potter, Hannah Eccles, Nathan Hannack, Kyra Hay-Chapman, Anna Heinen, Sophie Loubere, Joseph Mohr, Sierra Powell, Elise Schroeder, Lily Trunsky, Ellen Wieland, Pau Xiong; Invited artists: Gloriann Langva, Caitlin Mary Margarett, Hannah Schelb, Beth Thelke, Gerit Grimm, and Bo Gilbert

Formal Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 17, 6:30pm

Location: Art Lofts, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

This group exhibition will showcase The Ceramic Menagerie, artwork from the UW-Madison Ceramics program in the Art Lofts Gallery. Whether functional or abstract, this will pique anyone’s interest. Each artist’s style explores different methods of sculpting, glazing and firing.

In 2021 the UW-Madison Ceramics Program turns 110 years old. In 1911, the Department of Manual Arts was constituted within the College of Letters and Science and pottery was taught in the fall of 1912. The course was described as “the study of clay as a medium of expression on the public schools.” William Harrison Varnum taught pottery until 1915 then Della Wilson joined the faculty and taught until her retirement in 1952. From1951-1977 Harvey K. Littleton taught ceramics until founding the Paoli Clay Company and the nation’s first university-based studio glass program. Since then the ceramics program has been directed by: Wayne Taylor, Don Reitz, Bruce Breckenridge, Elaine Scheer and Paul Sacaridiz. The ceramics program is currently run by Gerit Grimm.