Artwork by UW–Madison student Anjika Verma has been selected to appear at the 24th Generative Art International Conference in Italy Dec. 15-17.

VermaVerma is a senior pursuing a BFA in graphic design in the School of Education’s Art Department. The generative art and design work she submitted is an interactive sound installation originally created for her Art 448: Coding for Graphic Design course.

Considered one of the most advanced approaches in the creative and design world, Generative Art is described as “the idea realized as a genetic code of artificial events, as the construction of dynamic complex systems able to generate endless variations.”

The conference website adds this explanation: “Each Generative Project is a concept-software that works producing unique and non-repeatable events, like music, images, or 3D Objects, as possible and manifold expressions of the generating idea strongly recognizable as a vision belonging to an artist/designer/musician/architect/mathematician. The generative Idea / human-creative-act makes an unpredictable, amazing, and endless expansion of human creativity. We can create species of events with a recognizable identity, following our vision. Computers are simply tools for storage in memory and execution.”