Wednesday, December 1 @ 5 – 6:15pm
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Andrew Stansbury is a queer ceramic-based performance artist from Cuero and San Antonio, Texas. As an artist, Stansbury seeks not to appease, but rather to confront. In order to do so, their work and their practice bluntly question popularized ideals of beauty and desire; they seek their own alternative version of beauty that accepts and is influenced by the unexpected or the traumatic. Through an open-narrative in material, Stansbury consumes and integrates process-oriented craft within performance and photography to create a unique moment.

Currently, Stansbury is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Morris, teaching Ceramics and Photography. In 2018, they were awarded as one of the NCECA Emerging Artists. They received their MFA from UMass Dartmouth in 2017 and were a member of the artist collective The Lullwood Group. Previously, they received their BFA from UTSA in 2011, and their AA & AS from Victoria College in 2009.