Thursday, December 9 @ 5 – 6:15pm
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Professors Michael Peterson and Laurie Beth Clark work together under the collaborative identity of Spatula&Barcode. Spatula&Barcode is a “social practice art” group that combines many activities in their projects: interviews and interactions, social media, photography, writing, and public events. For the past twelve years, they have produced social practice projects dedicated to commensality, conviviality, and criticality.

Spatula&Barcode makes art projects in which the performance of place and of hospitality are central. Most projects involve conversation and some form of playful gift or souvenir (“swag”). While most Spatula&Barcode projects involve food in some way, their recent series Foodways directly explores the movements of food and food culture.

Spatula&Barcode was founded in 2008 by Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson (both faculty in the Department of Art, University of Wisconsin).