The Graphic Design Area in the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison offers 19 courses in wide range of sub-disciplines. The work included in this online exhibition is among the best that our students produced during a very challenging year. The faculty appreciate and respect the effort they put into these projects.

Basic Graphic Design: Annabelle Zhang, Honey Herr, and Melissa Ziegler

Coding for Graphic Design: Maria Rantis, Anjika Verma, Courtney Goodkin, Josephine Cutrara, N. Kittivatcharapong, and Aileen Lee

Graphic Design for Branding and Identity: Madeleine Freitag, Nicole Golownia, Travis Dao, Holly Gunnink, Sebastian Karo, and Austin Wallenfang

Information Graphics: Madeleine Freitag, Ellie Eisenberg, Hamilton Smith, Savannah Byers, Ashley Harris, Annika Ide, and Laura Kohlnhofer

Graphic Design for Packaging: Rachel Betters, Jessalyn Mailoa, Kaylene Yong, Emily Her, Nicole Golownia, Tracy Fu, and Yijie Li

Typeface Design: Austin Wallenfang, Emma Leeper, Jessalyn Mailoa, Koby Batholomew, and Nicole Golownia

Graphic Design for Posters: Hannah Klintworth, Jessalyn Mailoa, Macxkenzie Dow, Elizabteh Jortberg, Sophia Bellora, Celeste Carroll, and Hedi Ma

Graphic Design Senior Thesis: Tracy Fu, Yijie Li, and Jessalyn Mailoa

Graphic Design for Interactive Media: Kaylene Yong, Kristen Koenig, Jessalyn Mailoa, and Maria Rantis

Portfolio Development and Professional Practice: Eury Kim, Jessalyn Mailoa, Maria Rantis, and Kaylene Yong

BLOOM: Spring 2021