Congratulations UW Art 2020 Graduates GIF by Ash Armenta, UW Art design treatment by Autumn Brown.

🎓 Happy Graduation Class of 2021!🎓

The faculty and staff of the UW-Madison Art Department extends our sincere congratulations to students graduating in one of the following programs:

Bachelor of Science in Art Education
Bachelor of Science in Art
Bachelor of Science in Art: Graphic Design option
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design option
Master of Fine Arts

It cannot be said enough how proud we are of the work you have accomplished here. Unlike any other graduating class before you, you have persevered through three full semesters of socially distant education, and a summer, to meet all the academic, digital, temporal, spatial, emotional, and health-related challenges this pandemic threw at you. You did all that and are now moving forward having earned your degree in art, design, or art education. This is a great achievement under the best of circumstances, and you did it under some of the most trying conditions possible. The Art Department salutes you!

We hope you will continue to share your future artistic endeavors and accomplishments. Please keep in touch through the Connect with Art ( page to submit events to our weekly newsletter, and join our Facebook group for our alumni – The Artful Badger (

Congratulations again! Thank you for all your contributions to the Art Department and to the University, and welcome to the prestigious cohort of UW-Madison Art Department Wisconsin Alumni! On Wisconsin!