UW–Madison’s Yeohyun Ahn is featured in an exhibition, “TYPE Portrait – Tangible TYPE,” at the Brooks Stevens Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Ahn is an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Art Department.

“TYPE Portrait – Tangible TYPE,” which includes the work of Ahn and Teokyeom Lee, explores the symbiotic relationship of technology, design, and typography.

Ahn presents a series of generative typography as self-portraits, which convey her response to her sense of invisibility as a woman of color. She started this project in 2015 to raise awareness of Asian female faculty being isolated and marginalized a predominantly white institution.

Using diverse typefaces, Ahn’s work conveys feelings and thoughts, and shows possibilities for using the personality of each typeface for expressive and visually appealing generative selfies.