Congratulations UW Art 2020 Graduates GIF by Ash Armenta, UW Art design treatment by Autumn Brown.

🎓 Happy Graduation Class of 2020!🎓

The semester took a strange turn, far outside the typical route to graduation that we expect. Classes switched to remote online courses in the middle, campus closed, our MFA and planned exhibitions were cancelled or postponed, even tomorrow’s commencement is a virtual event… The importance of this final semester as the launchpad to a professional entry into the art world cannot be understated, and the difficulties you’ve all faced have been heartbreaking to see.

Yet, we’ve watched as you quickly moved forward, adapting and persevering through unprecedented circumstances, using your creative abilities and proving the importance of the arts within our communities to overcome any situation. The arts remind us of the moments of life and joy beyond isolation and the connections and kindness we share among our communities, the tools we are all in need at this time, the tools you hold.

The faculty and staff of the UW-Madison Art Department extends our sincere congratulations to Class of 2020 students graduating from our Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Art, Bachelor of Science in Art Education, and Certificate in Art Studio programs, it cannot be said enough how proud we are of the work you have accomplished here. Thank you for all your contributions to the Art Department and to the University, and welcome to the newest prestigious cohort of UW-Madison Art Department Wisconsin Alumni! On Wisconsin!