January 27 – 30

Reception: Thursday, January 30, 6-8pm

Location: Gallery 7, Humanities Building 7th Floor, 455 N Park St, Madison, WI

Using sculpture, creative writing, sound, video/animation, drawing, painting, installation, and performance from repurposed and salvaged materials, Bill Rice creates art that is focused on narrative, education, and cultural enrichment through a multifaceted portrayal of an altered world, or fabricated reality, which navigates the plight of humanity in our modern world. Rice’s work alludes to the inherent irony in attempting to appreciate our overwhelming obstacles and insurmountable difficulties in a culture of immediacy that is dependent on disposable manufactured commodities derived from finite resources and displayed by insatiable expectations for instant gratification regardless of consequences. In response, Rice uses the Sisyphean struggle, along with a humorous approach, to provide common ground to understand, empathize, and enrich the lives of the people he engages with his work.