Wednesday, December 4 @ 5 – 6:15pm
2650 Humanities Building 2nd Floor, 455 N Park St

Fiber sculptor Deanna Antony‘s work is methodical and spontaneous, the masking of shapes and interaction of materials interferes with the surface leaving room for chance, accidents, and blind decision. Combinations of shapes, patterns, textures, fabrics, and materials serve as a general syntax to explore self-referential abstraction and perception. Formal decisions are influenced by late 80s and early 90’s pop nostalgia that reflect an early digital media and television culture. With the intend to jolt humanity out of, or arguably into, a lucid dream state, understanding that nothing is fixed or permanently defined; inspiring action to challenge the status quo.

Autumn Brown is a habitual maker, skill collector and interdisciplinary artist/designer, cultivating the dissonance that takes place at the uncanny union of death and eroticism, attraction and repulsion, tenderness and violence to create immersive art experiences that combines her background in digital media and design with her current exploration of installation, transformation, and multiplicity. Through the interaction between space, time, image, scale and viewer, she investigates the exhibition space as a place of ritual, a place of implication, a place of voyeurism, and a place of absolution. Her research interests include exploring game design and interactive media as a site of agency and consent, the uncanny relationship between femininity and horror, and the promotion of global fair-trade product and craft in the era of fast fashion and scale economies.

Abrahm Guthrie makes semi-autobiographical paintings based on narratives from his life, isolating the situations he has been in or dreamed and linking them with outside influences. Each work is an attempt to give space and air to the story’s objects and characters, so that they have room to breathe and live in their space, to be like pulling back a veil onto a world of hidden moments, fragments of stories that call out to be seen.