MADISON, Wis. – Graduate students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master of Fine Arts program showcased their work Saturday at the fifth annual Open Studio Day.

More than 50 students opened their studio doors for the public.

“It gives (students) a chance to have real world experience around the works of art and ideas they’re working on within this kind of constant flow of people throughout their spaces,” said Douglas Rosenberg, a professor and chair of the art department.

Students answered questions, listened to critiques and explained the thought process that went into their art. Graduate student Hannah Schelb said the amount of time students spend on their work often goes unnoticed.

“Having people come in and see this work is tremendous motivation to finish my ideas,” Schelb said. “Also reiterating to people what I’m doing over and over is a great way to instill these ideas even more in my head and evolve them even more.”

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