The School of Education’s Dance Department and Art Department will co-host Carrie Hanson as the Fall 2019 Division of the Arts Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence, with Kate Corby as lead faculty.

Hanson is a choreographer, director, performer, and dance educator. She serves as the artistic director of The Seldoms, and uses dance and performance to reference social, political, and environmental issues.

The Division of the Arts brings innovative artists to campus each semester through the Interdisciplinary Artists Residency Program to teach interdepartmental courses and to publicly present their work for campus and community audiences. The program is funded through the university’s Office of the Provost.

During her residency, Hanson will teach “From Topic to Topography: The body, the environment, and social action.” She will use her interdisciplinary movement-based practice to support students in the creation of original performance works, installations, and activations. Hanson will also be partnering with students in the exploration of how movement and the body can be used to explore the world in imaginative ways. To supplement the residency, Hanson will present at various community events and bring in guest artists Faheem Majeed, Alex Rose, and The Seldoms.

A resident of the South Shore neighborhood in Chicago, Majeed often looks to the material makeup of his neighborhood and surrounding areas as an entry point into larger questions around civic-mindedness, community activism, and institutional critique. He transforms materials such as scrap metal and wood, particle board and discarded signs, breathing new life into overlooked and devalued material.

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