The objects we pass by in our everyday lives—billboards or buildings, signs, or street posts—tend to hardly register in our consciousness, perhaps creating a neural blip before quickly fading into the subconscious.

But when a person is removed from their usual setting, any object, however ordinary, can begin to show its inherent aesthetic, performing in a way that feels unfamiliar and unexpectedly revealing. In the show per se per form, running through August 17 at Arts + Literature Laboratory, artists Rebecca Vickers and Elissa Rae Ecker pay homage to the objects that have sparked this phenomenon for them while living in Bangkok.

Individually and as a part of a collective, the two Midwest-born artists—Vickers is from Madison and Rae Ecker is from Minnesota—have worked to turn the objects that construct the everyday substrate of life in Bangkok into pieces of visual art.

In one of her pieces, “Chair Columns / Whirlylights,” Vickers, who earned her bachelor in fine arts from UW-Madison in 2007, creates sculptures from the imposing tall stacks of plastic stools that stand in Bangkok’s soup shops and custom-made whirlylights that line its streets . In another, “Content with infinite content,” she manifests the ceaselessly repeating LED billboards that light up Bangkok’s skyline like the sun.

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