The days of summer are fleeting, and when the forecast calls for sun and warm temperatures, one must take advantage and explore unknown areas.

Thus it was that I decided to drive to the Sandwich, New Hampshire area for a hike on a trail that looked like fun. I never explored the trail – I got wonderfully distracted when I instead discovered Kathryn Field Fine Art Studio on a quiet country road in Sandwich. (A sign on the rural road announcing a yard sale or farm stand or shop are like magnets to me. If someone who lives way out in the country has taken the time to create a shop, I am always appreciative enough to stop out of curiosity. But as a lover of art, I certainly could not resist a sign pointing to a side road for an art studio.)

As I traveled through the pretty little village of Sandwich, I drove by the Tappan Chair shop (another great place), and continued on to Taylor Road. This is a beautiful area with rolling fields, old farmhouses and that rural tranquility I so appreciate.

I was looking for a particular hiking trail and didn’t much care if I got a bit lost because the nice, sunny afternoon stretched before me. That is when I spotted a colorful sign in the shape of an artist’s palette with the words “Field Fine Art”. On impulse I made a turn and headed down a side road even deeper into the woods, which led to a wonderful art studio and the multi-talented Kathryn Field [MFA ’79], who is the epitome of a busy, working artist.

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