Friday, May 3 @ 5-9pm


414 State St, Madison, WI

Artists: Emma Pryde [MFA ’20] and Sage Caswell

Presenting an audiovisual installation by collaborative artists Emma Pryde and Sage Caswell. Sound, moving image, and sculpture are used to create an immersive environment representative of a fantasy dreamscape.

Gib’s Bar

1380 Williamson St, Madison, WI

Artists: Roberto Torres Mata, Lesley Ann Numbers, Carissa Kalia Heinrichs, and Kayla Story


Overture Center

Gallery II and Promenade Lounge, 201 State St, Madison, WI

Into the Light by Maryam Ladoni & Kayla Story

Personal narratives resonate with universal themes in Ladoni and Story’s images. Story explores the long-lasting impacts of fatherlessness through photographs based on personal interviews. Ladoni travels back to her hometown of Iran, documenting her journey towards understanding her identity through memory.

Artist Talk: Talk. Write. Listen. by Kayla Story

Kayla Story invites visitors to exchange stories about the presence or absence of father figures in their lives through written or oral recordings during the Spring Cycle Reception.

Poster of Future History Now exhibit by MFA grads Simone and MaxGallery III, 201 State St, Madison, WI

Future History Now: A Retrospeculative by Simone and Max

Visionary fauxklore and impassioned objects combine in a fluid, fragmented chronology of our once and future now.

Madison Public Library

201 W Mifflin, Madison, WI

Luck of the Draw: Vol. 2

  • 3rd Floor: Luck of the Draw, April 17 – June 2
  • 2nd Floor: Lonnie Evans, April 15 – July 26
  • 1st Floor: Ashley Lusietto [MFA ’20], April 15 – July 26
  • Featured Artist-in-Residence: Taylor Wright Rushing [MFA ’18], March – April

Participating Artists: Elizabeth Jean Younce [MFA ’18], Emily Meredith Lewis, Maria Amalia Wood, Taylor Wright Rushing [MFA ’19], Tim Brenner [MFA ’16], Amy Mietzel, Will Santino [MFA ’18], Jesse M Bell, Andy Villanueva, Sam Brickman, Bill Amundson [BS-Art ’75], Emily Balsley [BFA ’01], Jacki Whisenant, Erica Hess [BFA ’02], Diana H. Chu, Bird Ross [MFA ’92], Austin Moule [MA ’16], Emily Keown, Rachel Duggan, Katie Herzog, Christina Miles King, Rebecca Kautz [MFA ’18], Katherine Schofield, Lauren D. Lauter, Hannah Sandvold, Lauren Scanlon, Emily Maryniak, Chris Bostwick, Ashley Lusietto [MFA ’20], John Kowalczyk, Allison LaValley, Goldie Raye, Jeff Repko [MFA ’18], Andrew Sandvold, Juliette Walker [MFA ’21], Justus Roe, Logan Ladd, Peter Carpenter, Rodney Lambright II [BS-Art ’17], Carlee Latimer, Brett Vosen, Robin Gee, Lana Scholtz, Mandy Yourick, Sarah O’Farrell [MFA ’17], Ashlie Brophy [BFA ’13], Selia Salzsieder [BFA ’17], Emily Rosenthal, Michelle Schwengel-Regala, Brian Kehoe, Ray Mawst, J. Leigh Garcia [MFA ’18], Lonnie Evans

Luck of the Draw: Vol. 2 is a survey show, exhibiting contemporary drawings by artists from across the county. At the end of the show’s run instead of receiving their own work back, all participating artists will receive a piece created by another artist in the show. This random exchange will be determined by a live lottery done at the opening celebration on Friday May 3, 2019 hosted at the Central Library in Madison, WI.