April 20 – May 29

Location: Madison Public Library, 201 W Mifflin, Madison, WI

  • 3rd Floor: Luck of the Draw, April 17 – June 2
  • 2nd Floor: Lonnie Evans, April 15 – July 26
  • 1st Floor: Ashley Lusietto [MFA ’20], April 15 – July 26
  • Featured Artist-in-Residence: Taylor Wright Rushing [MFA ’18], March – April

Gallery Night Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 6-10pm, Cash bar available

Participating Artists: Elizabeth Jean Younce [MFA ’18], Emily Meredith Lewis, Maria Amalia Wood, Taylor Wright Rushing [MFA ’19], Tim Brenner [MFA ’16], Amy Mietzel, Will Santino [MFA ’18], Jesse M Bell, Andy Villanueva, Sam Brickman, Bill Amundson [BS-Art ’75], Emily Balsley [BFA ’01], Jacki Whisenant, Erica Hess [BFA ’02], Diana H. Chu, Bird Ross [MFA ’92], Austin Moule [MA ’16], Emily Keown, Rachel Duggan, Katie Herzog, Christina Miles King, Rebecca Kautz [MFA ’18], Katherine Schofield, Lauren D. Lauter, Hannah Sandvold, Lauren Scanlon, Emily Maryniak, Chris Bostwick, Ashley Lusietto [MFA ’20], John Kowalczyk, Allison LaValley, Goldie Raye, Jeff Repko [MFA ’18], Andrew Sandvold, Juliette Walker [MFA ’21], Justus Roe, Logan Ladd, Peter Carpenter, Rodney Lambright II [BS-Art ’17], Carlee Latimer, Brett Vosen, Robin Gee, Lana Scholtz, Mandy Yourick, Sarah O’Farrell [MFA ’17], Ashlie Brophy [BFA ’13], Selia Salzsieder [BFA ’17], Emily Rosenthal, Michelle Schwengel-Regala, Brian Kehoe, Ray Mawst, J. Leigh Garcia [MFA ’18], Lonnie Evans

Luck of the Draw: Vol. 2 is a survey show, exhibiting contemporary drawings by artists from across the county. At the end of the show’s run instead of receiving their own work back, all participating artists will receive a piece created by another artist in the show. This random exchange will be determined by a live lottery done at the opening celebration on Friday May 3, 2019 hosted at the Central Library in Madison, WI.