April 7 – 11

Reception: Wednesday, April 10, 6-8p

Location: Art Lofts Gallery, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

The underlying stressors within the earth’s tectonic plates constantly shape the land which we inhabit. The fault lines and tremors in our continental surfaces tell the story of a foundation that is in constant motion and unrest.

I am interested in exploring the facets of fracture within tectonic plates and how they correlate to human chronology. The physical memory of past seismic events are embedded within the material makeup of our continents and these records give us a glimpse into the past. This inquiry connects to the themes and materials used in my practice. I work with glass for its ability to encompass qualities of fragility, instability and reflection. I consider the scale shift between us and the geologic through sculpture and installation. My artwork is fueled by these areas of unknowing and unrest, and the events that span beyond typical human timeframes.

Brittle Boundaries is an installation comprised of the material of glass that is activated by earthquakes in real time.


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