December 9 – 12

Artists: Carla Christenson, Paulina Eguino, Sabrina Friedman, Alana Fry, Reyna Groff, Madeline Hall, Susan Hamilton, Taylor Kurrle , Emily Leach, Emma Leeper, Anna Lehner, Emily Lesch, Jessalyn Mailoa, Eamon McMahon, Malinda Miller, Andrea Oleniczak, Ben Orozco, Yaman Sangar, Ronald Schell, Jordan Schilling, Mary Shea, Bre’Annah Stampley, Ruth Sullivan, Sarah Uhen, Brittany Waldinger, Mingxi Xu, Dongheng Yang

Closing Reception: Wednesday, December 12, 6-8p

Location: Art Lofts Gallery, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

+ AND & is an exhibition of graduate and undergraduate work in glass, neon, and mixed media. + AND & is an exercise in: additive processes, collections, connections, how things are put together, tools of “and-ing,” recipes, alchemy, bubbles, hoarding behaviors, the semiotics of magic, the “yes, and” practice of improv, attention practices, call and response interactions, collaborative work, blown feet, artist statements, and run-on sentences.


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