MADISON, Wis. – A group of artists used a public exhibit to confront sexism in society.

The artists, who are known as the Spooky Boobs [Amy Cannestra, MFA ’15, Myszka Lewis, and Maggie Snyder, MFA ’15], have a feminist exhibit that is on display at the Art Literature Laboratory on Winnebago Street.

The exhibit includes specially designed wallpaper, photographs and a performance piece.

Creators say the are is trying to deal with demeaning language and gender social norms.

“Our goal is to bring light to these issues so people are more aware of how they talk about others and hopefully try to curb their language and their ideas in a more positive direction,” Spooky Boobs’ Myszka Lewis said.

The exhibit will be open to the public until June 2. The artists will be performing in the gallery again on May 19.


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