Best Art Exhibit of the Semester

Eric Ford, MFA Student

One of the most unique and clever art exhibits on the UW campus this semester was by Eric Ford, an MFA student pursuing his degree after studying at a small college in Ohio. The graduate student takes commercial construction materials to produce abstract creations. After purchasing materials from hardware stores, Ford shreds and fiddles with products like home insulation until it’s no longer recognizable. The pink color of the insulation was exactly what drew Ford’s attention, the vibrant pigmentation didn’t need to be changed. The meaning behind the insulation comes from the “repression of thoughts, feelings and emotion, as the first line of defense.” Ford still has his work on display at the Abel Contemporary Gallery in Paoli through July.

Noël Ash, MFA student

With her meticulously detailed realistic oil paintings Ash, a UW-Madison MFA student, has created many stunning works circulating around family life. These paintings use stunning variations of color that show the perfect balance between light and darkness depending on the mood and location of the specific highlighted scene. She is a realist figurative painter who devotes just as much time to her three kids as she does her art work. Each piece is stunning and seems to imitate life in a way that most people can relate to. Her works would fit comfortably on the walls of the living room at your parent’s house.


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