Saturday, May 5, @ 10a-10p
Concluding celebration @ 8-10p

Artists: Ibtisam Ul Haq (textile), Yasha Hoffman (sound composition), Dakota Mace (textile), Ben Orozco (neon), Stephen Parent (printmaking), and Michael Schultz (drawing)

Location: 15 W Gorham St, Apt 1, Madison, WI 53703

Curated by: Yusi Liu

Four years ago, I came to Wisconsin. And now I am departing. As my farewell to Madison, I curate this pop-up exhibition as a tribute to the city, to my apartment, and to my beloved friends. In my bedroom in this Victorian house, I feel at home. With my friends here, I fell in love with art.

This site-specific exhibition hopes to ignite conversation about private space, personal memories, and Madison, Wisconsin. I open my apartment bedroom for 12 hours, a full circle on the clock. Everyone is welcome.


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