April 20 – July 8

Preview Reception: Thursday, April 19, 5:30-8p, Paige Court

Location: Oscar F. and Louise Greiner Mayer Gallery, Chazen Museum of Art, 750 University Ave, Madison, WI

I created lithographs of the body—backs and butts—investigating how the body rests. I will also present a film of individuals seated in acrylic chairs shot from below, unconsciously discovering another layer of the self in action. I created an upholstered sofa with the body mono-printed onto its surface to show interaction between the body and object; and I wove my own fabric of a printed image to show identity of an individual without revealing the individual’s identity, and then upholstered chairs with the created fabric.

I think about the body, vulnerability, the uncontrollable, and the things we can and cannot do to present the self in a certain way. When we sit, our bodies smash and squish in and onto the surfaces on which we rest—over this we have no control. But everybody has a body, and every body is unique, just as fingerprints are. I am interested in the depository of memory and the traces we leave behind, all the while creating an intimate moment between the viewer and the work.


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