Wednesday, April 4 @ 6p

Location: UW-Madison Humanities Building, 455 N Park St, Madison WI

Occupy Humanity! requires your presence.

OH! is what we are– it takes the shape of whatever we bring to the George L. Mosse Humanities building at the University of Wisconsin on April 4th, and all the other days we spend here.

More than an index of our particular humanities, more than a night of art in the Humanities building, OH! is one articulation of an intentional experiment that brings together art, humanity and the humanities, presence, collaboration and community.

Occupy Humanity! Instructions:

Occupy Humanity! begins at 6:15pm outside Elvehjem/the old Chazen building. OH! will lead you upstairs to the 3rd floor open area of the Humanities building (with the fist mural and all the pillars) for our opening dance experience.

Around 6:45pm we will make our way to the 6th floor for a range of performances, activities, and artwork. Stop by the information booth outside the 6th floor elevator for a program. If you arrive after 6:45pm, come directly to the 6th floor. Show up. Move around. Pay attention. Get wacky. Go ahead: Occupy Humanity!

At about 7:45pm you may notice OH! guiding you up to Gallery 7. Join us there for our closing performance. Let’s be people together for a little longer and then we’ll all go home.

Contributing Artists (as of 4/2):

Nanxi Ai (BFA in Art)
Deanna Antony (MFA in Art)
Yoshinori Asai (MFA in Art)
Erik Bergeson (BS in Theatre & Drama)
Jack Besie (BA in English)
Elizabeth Braun (BS in Art)
Zoe Cohen (PhD in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies) + Tyler Koshakow
Ryan Cray (BS/BA in Geography and Environmental Studies)
Caroline Criste (BFA in Dance)
Sam Douglass (BS in Civil Engineering)
Anwar Floyd-Pruitt (MFA in Art)
Lizzie Grams (BA in Music Perfomrnace)
Hattie Grimm ( BS in Art Education)
Anne Guadagnino ((BA in Theatre & Drama)
Grant Gustafson (MFA in Art)
Janetta Hill (BFA in Art)
Liam Hutchison (BS in Agricultural and Applied Economics)
Lauren John (BFA in Dance)
Rebecca Kautz (MFA in Art)
Dianne Kotsonis (BFA in Dance)
Alexandra Lakind (PhD in Education and Environmental Studies)
Julia Levine (BA in Geography and Environmental Studies)
Robert Lundberg (MS/JD Environmental Studies and Law)
Ashley Lusietto (MFA in Art)
Josh McMahon (MFA in Art)
Aliya Mayers (BFA in Dance)
Maurice Moore (MA in African American Studies)
Kel Mur (MFA in Art)
Meredith Nesbitt (BS in Cello and Bio)
Alexis Olson (BS in Art)
Emily Popp (MFA in Design Studies) + Twyla Clark + Tim Morgan
Emma Pryde (MFA in Art)
Jessica Robling (BFA in Dance)
Helen Rottier (BS in Psychology)
Anderson Ruppa (BS in Art)
Adam Scott (BS in Landscape Architecture)
Bre’Annah Stampley (BFA in Art)
Aden Stier (BA in Bass)
Rini Tarafder (PhD in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies)
Chelsea Thompto (MFA in Art)
Elaine Wang (BS in Art)
Dequadray White (BA in Art)
Claire Wilson (MFA in Art)
Anda Xiong (BS in Physics and Math)
Anders Zanichkowsky (MFA in ART)


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