Artists are able to pull inspiration in all types of different things. For University of Wisconsin masters of fine arts student Mariah Tate Klemens, inspiration comes from her obsession with finding ways to embody memories and nostalgia through domestic objects.

“I make art because I have to. I am compelled to make things so I must,” Klemens eloquently stated.

Klemens finds inspiration from the sentimentality in old country music and contemporary pop songs, but mostly from her own personal feelings and emotions. She creates pieces to help capture those aspects as well as memories. The goal of most of her pieces is to have viewers share her feelings and understand why she feels that way.

Klemens was interested in art from a young age, but wasn’t always sure how she wanted to incorporate that interest into her life.

“When I was finishing up high school, I was considering being a P12 art education teacher … once I got to college and started to learn about contemporary art and I realized that I definitely wanted to pursue that as my career,” Klemens said.

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