Artists have been using perspective, shading and occlusion to represent three dimensions in two-dimensional artwork for a long time. Now that scientists are able to develop a deeper knowledge of human perception, some artists are incorporating the new information into their works.

McPherson Eye Research Institute hosts “ART WORKS — Visual Perception as a Tool” in the Mandelbaum & Albert Family Vision Gallery on the 9th floor of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, 1111 Highland Ave. The exhibit explores both traditional and modern means of portraying human perception through a collection of interactive displays and coordinating artworks.

Artworks include screenprints, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and sculptures created by Wisconsin artists Chuck Bauer [MA ’70], Kyle Martin, Fritz Schomburg [MFA ’08], Marko Spalatin [MFA ’70], and David Werner, and Chicago artist Jason Brammer.

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