The University of Wisconsin–Madison is kicking off a new stage in its effort to make Summer Term even more valuable and accessible.

UW-Madison began revitalizing the summer experience in 2016 with a significant increase in scholarship funding. The goal was to encourage more students to take advantage of accelerated summer courses so they could graduate on time and avoid the expense of extra semesters. In response to student surveys, the university also expanded the number of online courses, hands-on courses, and high-demand courses, as well as offering innovative new learning experiences.

As a result of these changes, total credit hours taken during Summer Term increased 18 percent over the past two years.

Building on these successes in 2018, UW–Madison will serve a wider range of students during the summer months. Current undergraduates, incoming freshmen, students visiting from other institutions, high school students, and others will benefit from the university’s world-class resources.

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