An array of unique art and site-specific installations that explore themes of identity, both personal and political, make up the UICA’s winter exhibition.

While technically a group show, Enmeshed consists of solo exhibitions by five accomplished, yet eclectic artists and gives each one ample space to showcase their talents.

It was originally planned as part of a Coming Home series, but Executive Director Miranda Krajniak thought the artists’ work warranted a spot on UICA’s exhibition calendar. The exhibit encompasses the first two floors and a prominent space facing Fulton Street.

“Many of them are making very different, new works,” she said. “There are really key elements of how they are working with identity.”

Some artists were invited to participate, while others were included after reaching out to the UICA. The group includes professional artists and professors from Michigan and beyond.

Artist Tyanna J. Buie’s [MFA 2010] series of prints of playground swings weaves in messages about her chaotic childhood and innocence lost. Buie, raised in foster care, grew up in Chicago and Milwaukee and moved to Madison, Wisc. for graduate school, where she took the photos used for the prints.

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