Basements, garages and abandoned trucking company complexes. When you think of these spaces you don’t necessarily think art gallery. But, one Eau Claire resident is trying to change the way you think.

“We just want to change the way that people in the community are viewing contemporary Art,” Kelsey Wenburg [BFA ’12] said.

Wenberg is an Eau Claire artist with a vision. ArtFly Gallery has been in Wenberg’s heart and mind since college. It didn’t always work out, but Wenberg thinks that Eau Claire is ready for a new way to think about art. ArtFly is a contemporary art pop up gallery. It is designed for one night only art exhibitions in unconventional places. Pop up galleries are popular in big cities all over the world, but the trend hasn’t reached Eau Claire until now. It’s different from a typical gallery. It’s a way for people who don’t feel comfortable in traditional galleries or who don’t know a lot about art to experience art in a more personal way.

“At ArtFly we really just want to transform Eau Claire’s art scene.” Wenberg said.


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