Closest by location is the team of Aristotle Georgiades and Gail Simpson, known since 1992 as Actual Size Artworks and based in Stoughton. Georgiades and Simpson are both professors of sculpture in the University of Wisconsin-Madison art department.

“We are particularly interested in projects where there is an opportunity to integrate our sculptural work with the site,” the pair wrote to the city. “Our goal is to create artwork that engages its audience in a lively and intelligent manner and contributes to a dynamic, memorable public space. … We are interested in the Pennsylvania Park project because of the sculptural possibilities of the small linear park within the built environment of the neighborhood.”

Wolf mentioned arts commissioner [and Art Faculty] Faisal Abdu’Aallah, who expressed that “if we want to set a high bar, we as the Arts Commission have to make choices that are experimental and give opportunities,” Wolf said.


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