Friday, November 17, @ 1p

Location: Art Lofts Conference Room, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

The materialist calibrates and is calibrated by the world. She is a conduit for focusing attention and tuning in. Calibration can be thought of as a form of both preparation and practice. One calibrates as preparation by honing a blade, setting the color of a screen, or stretching prior to movement. One practices calibration on an ongoing basis by modulating one’s gait on stairs or monitoring toast as it browns. In this artist’s talk Bearnot will present his exploration of calibration as a formal and conceptual construct within his practice.

Andrew Bearnot (MFA ‘17, University of Chicago) is a materialist: he thinks with and through the substance of things. Informed by a background in material science and glass, Bearnot explores moments of transcendence in the everyday. He is currently a Post-MFA teaching fellow at the University of Chicago and artist-in-residence at the Hyde Park Arts Center.