Thursday, October 12, 4-9p

Artists: Melana Bass, Scott Draves, Aaron Laux, Julie Raasch, Jenie Gao, Philip Salamone BS-Art ’03, Christian Grooms, Barbara Westfall MFA ’93, Ting-Li Lin, Eli Quinn, Meredith Dillman, Kathryn Schnabel, Julie Snyder, Vicki France, Leah Evans, Meagan Weber, Mark Weller, Joseph Taylor, Angelica Contreras, Wyatt Mulroe, Helen Klebesadel MFA ’89, Jennika Bastian BFA ’13, Joyce Wilson, Brota Oroian, Angela Johnson MFA ’16,  DarRen Morris, Tim Sprengelmeyer, Leticia Castillo, Christy Grace, Benji Paffel, Michael Ward, Sapphina Roller, Theo Howard
Location: US Bank, 1 South Pinckney St, Madison, WI

Dane Arts Buy Local (DABL) is a program within Dane Arts that connects local artists and businesses through a series of pop-up art markets. By combining unique vending opportunities with professional development, DABL directly supports the work of Dane County artists in recognition of their impact on the local economy. Nearly $100,000 has been generated for artists to-date.

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