July 28 – September 10

Opening Reception: Friday, July 28, 5-9pm

Location: Abel Contemporary Gallery, 6858 Paoli Road, Paoli WI 53508

Randall Berndt (MFA ’69): The Romance of Unruly Dreams Steeped in art History, the drawings and paintings of Madison artist, Randall Berndt, are part personal narrative fused with fables, fairytales, and folklore from around the world. Berndt is known for his acrylic paintings and this show will also include drawings and watercolor.

Exquisite: Group show Unabashedly beautiful, the objects in this exhibit showcase the work of artist who have refined their craft to a degree that can only be described as exquisite. Artist include Jonathan Wilde, Gregory Schulte (MFA ’91), Reid Schoonover, Paul Nitsche, Alicia Czechowski, Jessica Calderwood, Sandra Byers, Jean Apgar, Theresa Abel (BFA ’91).

In the Cooler – Building the Future Architecture defines us as a culture, it encompasses the places we live, the structures we build to hold our cultural wealth, our places of worship, and our government institutions. We can trace our history through architecture by looking at the way buildings were constructed and maintained or altered to fit a new cultural use. This exhibition, curated by Ann Orlowski, Assistant Director of Art at Abel Contemporary Gallery, will focus on the diversity of work built around the central theme of architecture. Art and Architecture are inextricably bound, and the convergence of these two aesthetic elements of society create a captivating reflection of each other.

Featuring work by Ann Orlowski, Rachel Bruya (MFA ’07), Ted Lott (MFA ’11), Richard Jones, Trina May Smith (MFA ’12), Michael Kautzer, Eric Thomas Wolever (MFA’16), Allan Servoss, Mary Fischer, Mark Bradley-Shoup, Rick Hintze, Karl Borgeson, Emily Belknap (MFA ’13)Andy Rubin (Printmaking Lecturer), Marissa Mackey (MFA ’16), Ryan Myers (MFA ’05), Eric Baillies


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