Lynda Barry invites you! To be her classmate!
In a special! Four week! Summer intensive! Making Comics Class!!
Taught by Dr. Ebony Flowers
May 15 – June 11, 12:30-5:30  M/T/W/Th

Making Comics, Art 448
Four Credits
Open to any registered UW student from any discipline

Dr. Flower’s comics-based dissertation made UW history. She began as my student and has emerged as the most original and innovative comics teacher I know, inventing something completely new: a picture-based method of exploring the most complex questions and ideas that can be used by anyone, regardless of artistic ability. This method is a godsend for those who find themselves at an impasse with a major project. I’ve witnessed first hand how transformative her work can by and that’s why I’m taking this class.

I can’t wait for it to start!

-Lynda Barry


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