April 21, 5 – 9p

Location: 640 W Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703

Gallery opens at noon on April 21st, and the reception will be held the same day from 5-9pm. Food and refreshments will be provided during the reception. Located in a train car next to the Motorless Motion Bicycles on West Wash. Gallenberger and Stoehr are Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates at UW Madison.

“Blue and white motifs in textiles and ceramics have always been incredibly compelling for me. I found that there are similarities between working with cloth and clay. I use natural fibers, porcelain, indigo dye, and blue pigments to create sculptural work. I am currently using my work to find ways to unpack emotions, memories, and personal experiences in the past, present and future. These experiences are rooted in tragedy and loss in the domestic space and how events can impact the emotional psyche of domesticity in reference to a physical space and emotional state. Working with clay has taught me how to create a home for myself wherever I go. The lines between work and play are blurred and the studio space becomes a welcoming home.” – Olivia Gallenberger
http://oliviagallenberger.com / https://www.instagram.com/lvgllnbrgr/

“I am currently exploring ideas concerning the intricacies of human interactions and our relationship to conceptual structures of association and congregation such as religion, consumerism, sports culture, and the nuclear family. As humans, we tend to use fictions and narratives as methods of organizing our beliefs and actions. I am interested in how we relate to these intangible configurations and how we relate to one another within them. Ultimately, my objective is to bring into question what we deem important or choose to glorify while highlighting a level of absurdity present in our structural tendencies.” – Henry Stoehr

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