UW-Madison Alumni Claire Huber is portraiture artist, “Influenced both by pop art and hyperrealism, I create works that focus on the construction and deconstruction of the figure. In addition to making pieces that appeared holistic and polished, I started creating work in which my subjects embraced their haziness and obscurity. By immersing the subject in his or her own ambiguity, I utilize my pieces to explore the losing and questioning of one’s sense of self. I’m particularly interested in exploring the ways in which mental health influences and skews self-perception, and can shape and cloud our sense of reality. I deconstruct and restructure a person’s image to parallel feelings of association and dissociation people have with their own physical form. The subjects in my work are both realistic yet obscured, and I use that to both expose and entrap them.”

Claire Huber, has been awarded a grant intended to help Claire in the pursuit of her MFA at PAFA. The Foundation is proud of the support that they have been able to provide to our students and graduates and hope to continue doing so in the future!

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